The Nasrul Lahil-L-Fatih Society, (NASFAT), has ordered the recently inaugurated public office holders across the country to disguise temperances of Ramadan and work for the welfare of Nigerians. The Chief Missioner, NASFAT, Imam Mahroof Abdulazeez Onike, who made this call amid the 2019 Ramadan address in Lagos, charged the Muslims in holding political positions to soak up the initial quality of prophet Muhammad (SAW) in releasing their obligations.

Onike anyway called of the residents to supplicate intensely to Allah to ease their undertakings, saying: “On the off chance that you don’t submit your issue to Almighty, who else is equipped for fathoming your problems.”He prompted the political office holders who accepted power on May 29 to be a listening head, be tired sycophants, and get ready to leave the sort of heritage they need to be known for.

NASFAT Women Affair’s Secretary, Alhaja Samiat Omolara Mumuni encouraged Muslims to stick to the behaviors of fasting, saying Ramadan is a period of otherworldly control, a profound examination of one’s association with God, additional petition, expanded philanthropy and liberality, and exceptional investigation of the Holy Quran. She urged Muslims to give the fasting time frame to look for knowledge, by going to addresses to upgrade their Islamic training.

The Chairman Council of Elders, NASFAT, Alhaji Yunus Olalekan Soliu, asked Muslims to have firm confidence in Allah because he can do all things.

In the interim, the Deputy Chief Missioner of NASFAT, Sheik Abdulateef Bello, urged Muslims to look for assistance and depend on their undertakings in Allah (SWT) because he who depends on Allah never fails. Bello talked amid the third Ramadan address of NASFAT Zone Two themed ‘I trust my Affairs in Allah.’

While talking on the subject: “There is no assistance anticipate from Allah,” he didn’t utter a word happen except if ordered by Allah.

“Nobody can hurt you aside from by the desire of Allah, and whatever happens has just been declared. On the off chance that we experience a catastrophe or trial, we should realize that it was at that point composed that it would occur and there was nothing we could have done to maintain a strategic distance from it. There ought to be no bitterness or lament because everything that comes to us from Allah,” he said.

He urged Muslim to be ardent in the part of Islam and hold fast carefully to the Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as respects to single status. Bello said deviating from the part of Islam due to financial pain is an act of ignorance because everything that happens originates from Allah.

Zonal Chairman, NASFAT Lagos Zone Two, Alhaji Bashir Sholadoye, said the Ramadan address was part of the activities of the group to elevate otherworldliness of individuals.

Likewise NASFAT Lagos Zone One, spoke to the recently sworn-in political office holders to guarantee that peace reigns in the country, as an episode of brutal has turned into a noteworthy wellspring of frailty in Nigeria. The Zonal Missioner of the group, Imam Misbaudeen Olawale, said maintaining peace in the society ought to be the need of each either Muslim or non-Muslim. He encouraged Muslims to be patient and ponder the lessons get the hang of amid the holy month of Ramadan by guaranteeing peace reign in the society.

The Zonal Chairman, Alhaji Sheriff Akinpelu asked Muslim to use this time of Ramadan to look for absolution and supplicate to Almighty Allah for peace to reign in the country.

The Guest address, Sheik Sa’dudeen Adekilekun while talking on the point ‘Peaceful conjunction panacea for advancement’ urged the dedicated to leaving in peace and congruity with non-Muslims. “Taking a gander at the comprehensive knowledge of the purpose of creation. God made us from one soul and from that spirit he made male and female that they will live respectively in peace,” he said.