A prominent Muslim organization in Nigeria, Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen has called on Muslims in the country to work towards the establishment of both print and electronic media for Islamic propagation.  This was made known during the weekend by the National President of the organization, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan while delivering a lecture on ‘Muslim Media towards the year 2023 at the closing ceremony of a 3-day seminar organized by the Press department of the organization in Offa, Kwara state.

The lecture which took place at the FOMWAN secretariat, Ijagbo junction Ijagbo, Offa Kwara State, had in attendance Dr Ahmed  Abubakri Agbaye, Dr Abdul Waheed Aliy Adebisi from Unilorin, Dr Abdul Rasheed Kemila, Imam Abdul Lateef, Ustadh Mustapha Sheikh and many dignitaries across the State.

Earlier before his lecture, Alhaji J.O Olorede, a  Mass Communication lecturer from Federal Polytechnics Offa who beamed his searchlight on “Media Hypocrisy against Islam” had encouraged the Nigerian Media, both the print and electronics to always balance their news and avoid negative media package of Muslims and Islam.  He said, “it is dangerous for the country if left unaddressed”

In his address, the Ta’awunu President, while berating the attitudes of the Muslims towards Islam, he urged the country Muslims to invest on media before the year 2023. Sheikh, as he is popularly called, said “the 2023 election will be painted with religion through the help of media that are not friendly to Islam. If nothing is done on our own side to neutralize the venom of those media, the result will be devastating.  Before then, let’s Endeavour to have a body of powerful media organization in Nigeria that will be able to face the upcoming challenges.