SENATOR Dino Melaye might have been shattered by the hope of returning to the Senate.
Early results from Saturday’s senatorial election suggest that he may have lost to Smart Adeyemi, nominee for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Unofficial results showed that Senator Melaye lost in most of the district’s LGAs except Yagba East and Yagba South.

Melaye was trailing Adeyemi after the results were announced by five of the seven local governments in the district.

The results from Lokoja LGA have been obtained to be applied before the final outcome is announced.

Adeyemi leads Melaye in the five LGAs with approximately 14,533 votes, and it has been reported.

The nation has noticed that after the final election, results are declared, the outcome will be announced.

The results of the Senate are declared in Lokoja against Kabba, the headquarters of the Senate district.

The Nigerian Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has been ordered by the court to publish the results in Lokoja.

Senator Melaye refused the exercise and called it “the helicopter option” because he was “married by negotiation, extreme violence, and fraud.”

His words: “The breakthrough was that what we had was what I called the’ vote of helicopters.’ The bribery was progressed for the first time to the extent that a helicopter now uses to enforce this electoral atrocity.

“The helicopter floated around Lokoja polling units, dropped bullets on innocent, harmless people and voters, and tear gas from this helicopter was being fired.

“Although this helicopter was used to threaten, bully and kill innocent people, the votes in those places were carted, taken to the government house, stuffed and taken to the snack center, and accepted and approved and the snack is ongoing.

“They had my family destroyed and even killed my nephew. We’re waiting to see what INEC is doing, but I completely deny, and I think, this fictional outcome isn’t about the polls, it’s about Dino Melaye. “INEC announces that it’s inconclusive for Kogi West Senatorial to rerun. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is to announce Saturday’s supplementary return.

Although Senator Dino Melaye from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) polled 59 548 Senator Smart Adeyemi of The All Progressive Congress (APC) had 80,118 people, a winner has yet to be announced.

Kogi West Senatorial elections are deemed inconsequential by the returning officer (RO), Prof. Olayide Lawal, and supplementary elections will be held.

53 polling stations and 46,127 registered voters are affected as the new date for the additional poll is determined by INEC.

Kabba / Bunu LGA APC-15,037 PDP‐18,974 Ijumu LGA APC–4,874 PDP–3,704 Yagba East LGA APC–6,683 PDP–7,745 Yagba West LGA APC‐7,941 PDP–8,980 Lokoja LGA APC‐19,788 PDP–12,712 Kabba / Bunu LGA APC‐15,037 APC‐874 Ijumu LGA APC‐11,627 PDP‐77,647 Kogi / Koton Karfe LGAAPC-15,