A prominent Islamic scholar in Nigeria, Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan, the founder and national President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen has described the  South –West Security Network, recently launched by the South-West Governors as a good innovation which approach and manners of its operations are defective.

He made this known yesterday in his
home town, Iwo, State of Osun when expressing his views in his new press
release on the burning issue. According to him, “Truly, we are living in a porous society where human life is worthless and general insecurity is overwhelming.
But as Yoruba always say, “Ori bibe ko ni oogun ori fifo” (beheading is not
antidote to headache).  So, no reasonable
Yoruba or a good Nigerian would support the idea of AMOTEKUN because of the
following reasons:

Ø  The idea is from a political circle whose tenure will not exceed 8 years.  It would have been better if  it emanated from the security expert and free people whose their goals have not been tainted. There is no how those governors who have expiring date in office can guarantee the future of Amotekun. So, its future is uncertain as it can also be used to hunt opposition.

Ø  Those who are to finance this project are the one who are unable  to pay the minimum wage and their workers’ salary. After 8 years, what is the possibility of its continuation without any financial backup?

Ø  We are talking about security of people, how can such be attached to a
particular religion and how can its regional coordinators be all Christians?
From all indications it seems there are sinister motives behind its
establishment.  How can one expect
Muslims who are witnessing to persecution of Muslim under Christian militia
force in Central Africa Republic, 
Bosnia,  Myanmar and other places
to believe in such one sided militia force? 
To Muslims,  it is nothing but Christian agenda.

Ø  In Nigeria, where there is an established security system, there is no how AMOTEKUN can operate independently without the help of Nigeria police. So,  it has to be restructured for it to
be effective”.

Furthermore, he said there is a need for the Nigeria government to curb this security menace to safeguard the oneness of Nigerian nation. “Although, there is nothing wrong in setting up security corps if federal government would be involved to assist the police but not this sectional security network whose agenda is to divide Nigeria based on religion and tribalism”