The people of Iwo in their thousands,  turned out en masse today to stage a solidarity rally in support of Oluwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi and to hail his decision  against those kings under him who choose oppression and selling of land as means of survival.

There were speculations that the people of Iwo are not in support of Oluwo’s decision but the masses today have shown the world who Oluwo is to his people.  The shops, markets were all shut downed during the rally, demanding that all crowns giving to those lesser kings must be revoked if they cannot preserve the property put under them.

The princes, market men and women, Islamic scholars, the chief Imam of Iwoland, Okada riders, Iwoland students’ union and different associations were all gathered in support of Oba Akanbi. They said, the gang up against Oluwo by all these Obas and their cohort began as a result of his decision in waging war against idols which they all detest.

According to them, “People are crying in silence and nobody hears their voice. Oluwo took it up as his fight, called on these Obas and advised them to find means of survival, but the next action was to render him blinded and paralyzed by pointing a staff of office at him. Is this not ridiculous?  Must we continue to watch an injustice persisting on our soil?  Are they not ganging up to render Iwoland useless again as they have been doing in the past? This is a fight for Iwo survival and we are ready to take it up to any lent” Iwo declared.