The Root Of Nigeria’s Economic Problems

If those in government are the only corrupt beings, then only an insignificant fraction of our society is corrupt. But thinking of the popular N100 at the checkpoint substituting vehicle documents, N1000 at the airport for easy passage, N10,000 to the Immigration officer for quick passport, N100,000 at Idi-Iroko and Seme border to make the custom men blind, N1,000,000 at Tin-Can to have a reduced tariff or duty, N10,000,000 to the senate committee, N100,000,000 to INEC to change the will of the people, N1,000,000,000 to the presidency for the oil block etc, you will understand that corruption has a grade and cuts across every sector in our dear country, Nigeria.

Trade: China to start tariff hike on American products June.1

Condoms, perfume, wine and pianos are among a cocktail of American products that will be hit by a steep increase in Chinese...

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